NEE Indicator 4.2

Appropriately uses instructional resources to enhance student learning

The teacher effectively uses developmentally appropriate instructional resources to enhance learning for students. Many partner districts are particularly emphasizing use of electronic materials in the classroom as they are moving toward one-to-one technology. Almost all U.S. classrooms have computers and Internet access. In some ways technology is simply another tool in the classroom, much like paper or a whiteboard. Technology also affords unique opportunities, such as allowing virtual field trips across the globe, simulating experiments, or contributing to digital books, blogs, and wikis. Students learn more in classrooms with technology when it is used in effective ways. 

In the classroom, this might look like:

  • Teacher uses available technological tools and communication strategies to engage most students, and to assist them in becoming critical users of quality information
  • Teacher develops learning processes that students can use to build prior knowledge into more advanced applications
  • Teacher takes maximum advantage of the potential resources for enhancing student learning
  • Teacher sets up lesson so that students use resources in a meaningful way.  Instructional resources may incude technology, online resources, primary source documents, manipulatives, supplementary readings, video or audio, etc.

In the early childhood classroom, materials are always accessible to learners. Learners have complete flexibility to take materials from one center to another. Instructional materials may include technology, art materials, sensory materials, blocks, big books, puzzles, dramatic play, props, variety of writing materials or models/anchor charts, open-ended materials used to promote creativity, etc.

In the unit of instruction, the teacher includes a full array of appropriate, supporting materials. The teacher fully describes how optimal use of available and appropriate technology promotes student engagement and learning.

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