NEE Indicator 5.3b

Establishes secure teacher-child relationships

The teacher almost always interacts very positively with students, and conveys a strong, positive relationship with almost all students, encouraging risk-taking and enjoyment of learning. Positive teacher-student relationships have been shown to correlate with positive student outcomes like grades, critical thinking, attendance, motivation and engagement.

In the classroom, this might look like:

  • Teacher has a variety of positive interactions with students
  • Teacher is sensitive and responsive to students
  • Teacher maintains an unconditional positive regard with students
  • Teacher understands how behavior is developed
  • Teachers create an inviting atmosphere for all
  • Students appear to enjoy interacting with teacher
  • Teacher greets students at the door
  • Teacher acknowledges student perspective


In the early childhood classroom, the teacher has a personal relationship with all learners and creates an exceptionally warm and caring environment.

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